March 1—April 30 is our annual membership drive!

Our prices for memberships have not changed this year, but when you purchase your

pass before April 30th, you will receive 20% of the price, on a gift card to use in our

pro shop! We have many mark downs from last year to clear space for our 2015

merchan-dise. Come on in & check it out & save some money!!!

Single Mon—Thurs, walking $450.00 (90.00 gift card)

Single Mon—Thurs, with cart 800.00 (160.00 gift card)

Single 7 day , walking $780.00 (156.00 gift card)

Single 7 day with cart 1250.00 (250.00 gift card)

Family Mon—Thurs, walking $895.00 (179.00 gift card)

Family Mon—Thurs with cart $1470.00 (294.00 gift card)

Family 7 day, walking $1250.00 (250.00 Gift card)

Family 7 day with cart $1900.00 (380.00 gift card)

Lodging & Admin 509-763-4025